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Frequently asked Questions

Am I sleeping?

No, actually it is the exact opposite! You are wide awake and very aware while in hypnosis. You are really in a state of mind known as hypersensitivity. All of your senses enhanced, with your incredible mind will allowing you to focus inward to such a degree that you will find it to be very similar to day dreaming where you have tuned everyone else out.

Are there any side effects?

Hypnosis is not a drug, it is a natural state of the mind and thus without side effects. All natural, safe. The only side effect if you want to have one is that you will be completely relaxed afterwards.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

No, you cannot get stuck in hypnosis, you are in complete control of yourself, remember that hypnosis is your mind focusing to an extent that you tune out the rest of the world much like day dreaming. Have you ever got stuck Sleeping? Day Dreaming?, you will always have control of how and when you come back from that hypnotic state.

Can you erase my memory?

Yeah, sort of, yeah, it can be done, But, with that said, NO. we are not going to do that, first its the absolute wrong thing to do if you truly want to heal from something either something deep in your past, or something recent. The mind is going want to dig it back up at some point. Its going to nag at you until its allowed to come back. It is FAR better for you to address its emotional weight here and now, by reducing the "Weight" that you and specifically the weight that is assigned to it by your subconscious that is truly the "problem". by addressing that with our help, you reduce it to a level that allows you to "learn" from the experience and move on.

Does Hypnosis work for Drinking?

Yes, Yes it does, with the understanding that you REALLY want to check in with a medical doctor to have a firm grasp of what is going on in the physical side, stopping an addiction can be a big thing for the body. Assuming you are healthy and this isn't a physical addiction then absolutely yes, Habits and desires can be managed by your desires with the added boost of your subconscious.

On the other hand if this is a physical issue, they YES, we can help in conjunction with the medical doctors direction. You CAN beat this, and we will help by giving you the support you have hidden within you.

How Long does it take to see results

Typically, you will see change immediately. Practically all hypno change work is near instant. Cases where change will occur over a specified time is usually discussed before hypnosis is conducted. A statement similar to "________ will occur as fast or as slow as is proper and healthy for you... " are used to ensure that your body and mind knows what is healthy for you and that it should govern that rate of change.

How Susceptible am I to Hypnosis?

Well now that is a good question. Everyone can be hypnotized, everyone goes through various levels of hypnosis every day of their lives. With that said, some people are more inclined to hypnotic trance states than others. Some people are REALLY good at slipping into trance, while others are not so good at it. Those that are not like anything else in our lives will find that practice, practice and practice makes perfect. In other words, you may find that working with a hypnotherapist who will "lead" you through a formalized induction can help you get there, and you will absolutely find that the more times you enter into trance the easier it gets and the more depth you will find.

Remember here, that you cannot be hypnotized against your wishes. That means, to enter into a trance you have to allow yourself, and want to be there. Otherwise it isn't going to happen.

How do I prepare for Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a focused state of mind, very similar to day dreaming. Have you driven down the road, listening to the tunes and realize at some point that you have traveled several miles? That is a form of hypnosis. As you were listening to the music, do you remember the song before the one that you are listening to now? That is a form of hypnosis. When you focus your mental self inward and are imagining and creating in your minds eye, you are in effect in a form of hypnosis. Every morning between that sleep state and awakened state you pass through a state of hypnosis, As you lay down to sleep for the night, you pass through a hypnotic state from wakeful to actual sleep.

I Can't Be Hypnotized!!

Everyone can be hypnotized, though there are conditions that will prevent you from entering into hypnosis.

You don't want to be hypnotized.
You are not following the directions you are being given,
Fear, fear of having your secrets come out, or a fear that you will be controlled in some manner that your core values will be changed.

You cannot be controlled as you have doubtlessly seen on TV, and while you are in a suggestive state, your mental faculties are still very much in control, if you don't want to follow a suggestion you simply won't do it. Hypnosis is not mind control, it is you focusing your mind on a single task allowing you to access your subconscious directly, and with intent and purpose.

Is Hypnotherapy expensive?

Unlike traditional (modern psychotherapy) hypnotherapy goes to the root of the problem where it is anchored, (The Subconscious) bypassing the conscious mind and working directly through the subconscious you can find results in as little as one session, So no. No matter how you add it up, Near instant lasting change is priceless, not having to give up your time with weekly visits to the couch for years? Now that is expensive!.

Is it real? Can it really Help

​Hypnosis is real, in fact you pass through states of hypnosis everyday of your life. Waking up, through a state of hypnosis to the waking world, Driving down the road, repetitive tasks, Cruising down the highway listening to the radio, "zoning out" all of these quite often lead to various states of hypnosis. Going to sleep at the end of the day, waking world, hypnosis, sleeping state. Anytime you take your mind and turn it inwards day dreaming, thinking through a set of tasks, mentally putting a project together in your "Head" are all forms of hypnotic states.

Okay Im In, what is the next step?

​Book it! Select this link Services Page and select the book your free consultation, note, that we try to do the majority of the work in one session, but with that said expect a minimum of two - three sessions as a general rule. This to be discussed with your hypnotist.

One of the most important aspects for you to enter into a hypnotic state is what you're doing right now, learning about what it is, and what it isn't. Hypnosis is NOT what you see coming out of Hollywood. Far from it. There is no "Mind Control", You're not going to spill your secrets, and we promise not to make you cluck like a chicken. Simply put, you only need to follow our instructions as we give them, you must want to enter into a hypnotic state i.e. want to be hypnotized, and the hardest, is simply allow the experience to happen. Just like jamming to the tunes in the car as you're doing 80 down the freeway, just sit back and let the music flow through and you're going to do just fine. Remember you do hypnosis every day of your life, you just never had it pointed out to you before.

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