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You want to do WHAT to my Mind? - Fractionation and meaningful depth of trance.

Fractionation in hypnosis is a technique that involves repeatedly inducing and dismissing a hypnotic state in order to deepen the level of trance and enhance the hypnotic experience for the subject. It is a powerful tool used by hypnotherapists and hypnotists to access the subconscious mind and induce profound changes in

thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

The concept of fractionation originated from the field of psychology and was later adapted and applied to hypnosis.

The term "fractionation" refers to the process of

breaking something down into smaller parts. In the context of hypnosis, fractionation involves taking the subject in and out of a trance state multiple times during a session, allowing them to go deeper into the hypnotic state with each cycle.

By repeatedly inducing and dismissing the trance state, the hypnotist creates a pattern that helps the subject reach progressively deeper levels of relaxation and suggestibility. This pattern can be thought of as a cycle, with each cycle taking the subject closer to a more profound state of hypnosis.

The technique of fractionation typically begins with the induction phase, where the hypnotist guides the subject into a relaxed and suggestible state. This can be achieved through various methods such as progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, or breathing exercises. Once the subject is in a trance state, the hypnotist then brings them out of hypnosis, usually by utilizing a specific trigger or suggestion.

The dismissal phase is an important aspect of fractionation as it allows the subject to briefly reorient themselves to their external environment before being reinduced into hypnosis. This short break from hypnosis helps prevent the subject from becoming overwhelmed or disoriented and allows them to integrate the suggestions given during the previous trance.

After the dismissal, the hypnotist repeats the induction process, bringing the subject back into a trance state. Each subsequent cycle of induction and dismissal takes the subject deeper into hypnosis, as they become more accustomed to the state and more responsive to suggestions.

There are several key reasons why fractionation is an effective technique in hypnosis. Firstly, it helps the subject become more familiar with the experience of being in a trance, making subsequent inductions easier and more comfortable. It also helps bypass any resistance or skepticism the subject may have towards hypnosis, as they experience the benefits and sensations of the trance state firsthand.

Fractionation also allows the hypnotist to tailor the suggestions and interventions to the subject's specific needs. With each cycle, the hypnotist can refine and deepen the suggestions, ensuring that they are directly targeting the desired outcome. This customization enhances the effectiveness of the hypnotic session, as the subject becomes more responsive and receptive to the suggestions.

Furthermore, fractionation can be used to address and overcome deeper issues or traumas. By repeatedly entering and exiting the trance state, the hypnotist can gradually desensitize the subject to previously distressing thoughts or memories. This gradual exposure helps the subject process and reframe the problematic experiences, leading to emotional healing and positive changes in thoughts and behaviors.

Fractionation is not only a valuable tool for therapeutic purposes but also for entertainment and stage hypnosis. In a stage setting, fractionation is often used to create dramatic effects and enhance the overall entertainment value of the performance. By skillfully inducing and dismissing the trance state, the hypnotist can create a captivating and mesmerizing experience for the audience.

When using fractionation, it is crucial for the hypnotist to maintain a strong rapport with the subject. Establishing trust and a comfortable environment is essential to ensure the subject's safety and well-being throughout the process. The hypnotist should also be aware of any individual differences or contraindications that may affect the subject's response to fractionation.

In conclusion, fractionation is a highly effective technique in hypnosis that involves repeatedly inducing and dismissing a hypnotic state. This process allows the subject to reach progressively deeper levels of relaxation and suggestibility, enhancing the therapeutic outcomes and overall hypnotic experience. Whether used for therapeutic purposes or for entertainment, fractionation is a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled hypnotist.

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