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How to go from just surviving to Thriving

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Every hypnotherapist knows the following statement to be true, " The hypnotherapist is the last thing they try" Not that its most likely to be the last thing simply because it worked and the problem was solved, No it's that people for the most part don't even know hypnotherapy is a real thing, or that the individual will have gone to friends, family, the family doctor, a therapist, or psychiatrist, or psychologist, and after spending all of that time and money they find themselves literally at the end of options.

We are literally the last hope that many who show up on our doorstep have, and hypnosis is generally speaking the fastest best option overall.

Many of you will have a problem or experience that has created a problem, your first instinct is to bury it, to move on, to ignore it in hopes that it will simply go away. Of course, that doesn't work over the long term, it's going to keep poking at you until you sever that connection to the past. And OF COURSE, in the short term you're losing sleep, friends and in some cases actual family members.

The Standard of Care - IE. the modern medical establishment will be three-fold, one, reporting the event, revealing and reliving all of the event in detail. two, prescription drugs and sometimes not so prescription ones as well, deadening the pain, hurt and dread putting yourself in an emotional fog for as long as you can. and third, talk therapy laying on a couch being asked how it feels, what does it mean to you that X did Y, re-vivifying the entire event over and over and over. Meeting once a week for months and even years. Every week crawling through your memories and emotions, reliving the event each time.

The Non-Standard of Care, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy. You see once you have survived the event, you come out scared and beaten, hurt and sad diving deep into your own self. The real issue is that you were "Traumatized" by the event, but that the message that your subconscious got was that this was an event, issue, problem that you most certainly did not like, so it does what the subconscious has always done for you, it tries to protect you in anyway it can, such as fear, shaking, lack of appetite, afraid of everything, anxious and depressed at the same time, pushing the internal alarm button as much as possible to keep you from repeating it, over and over.

You see, the fact of the matter is, the event causes you injury at the subconscious level, and the only way to move past it, or to heal from it, is to go into the subconscious and deal with it there. If the problem is in the subconscious, then that is where it must be addressed.

You can't fix something in the subconscious mind through the conscious mind.

The Solution

With hypnosis and working with someone who is trained in hypnotherapy, you can go back in time and space (mentally speaking of course) and cut the chains that bind you to the past, to the event in real time. Not erasing the memories but releasing the emotional bind that holds that injury up to your conscious mind every chance it gets. Cutting the binding between the event, the past, to the conscious mind and your future allows you to stand tall again, to take back your body and your life. To once again take control of your destiny.

You don't remove the memory; can you imagine you walk outside and step into a deep mud puddle, traumatizing you. The hypnotist helps you to forget the event entirely. Great Job, the next day, you walk outside and step in the same puddle because you don't have the memory or "lesson" to remind yourself NOT to step in the puddle.......On the other hand, we find ourselves a hypnotherapist who can help guide you back to the original event, address it in a manner that allows you to Heal from it, to learn the lesson, and walk away with the knowledge but without the crippling emotional anchor. You get take the lesson without the injury to the future, without having all of the baggage weighing you down.

Join the Facebook group Surviving to Thriving with Hypnosis where you can find solutions to what holds you back.

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