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The Pre-Talk

Pre talk?? you mean the talk before the talk?

First and foremost, you cannot be hypnotized if you don't want to be, and there's generally speaking only one reason you don't want to be hypnotized... Fear. again, generally speaking, Fear of losing control or being Mind Controlled like in the Movies, and or, spilling your secrets (let's face it, we all have something we keep to ourselves). Both cases are movie magic. Remember in everyday and everyway, TV and Movies are not real. They're stories, with lots of license for imagination.

Ok, so Pre-Talk?? Yes, that's what this is, the opportunity to ally those fears you may have by answering your questions and or fears before we begin the process of leading you to a hypnotic trance state where we can help you reach your goals.

So, Fear?, Mind Control? Divulging secrets? they have the same answer, even in hypnosis your consciousness is still fully in the process, and your awareness is always there to pull you back into the conscious state should you believe that your needs are not being met, or that you are not receiving suggestions that are in and for your best interests. In Other words, I would like you to insert an act that is against your moral compass... As soon as you feel the conflict you may very well respond in a couple of ways, 1, Return to the conscious state and say No thank you. Or 2, Remain in the subconscious state and not comply with the suggestion, I.e., do nothing. You are always in control of you.

So the Pre-talk is about informing you that you are in control, that your decision to allow yourself, to give yourself permission to follow suggestions are what allows you to take full control and advantage by allowing change to occur in your subconscious mind. To allow the power of change be used for your advantage. To unburden yourself of past and future pain.

You see the pre-talk is our opportunity to discuss the session, what it may feel like for you, everyone has their own experience, some find it light feeling, some feel heavy and relaxed, but mostly it's like this. Close your eyes, and imagine driving down the freeway, music is playing, and while you're grooving to the tunes, you're driving along "mostly in control of the car" But as your eyes are closed and you are imagining driving and listening to the music, do you remember anything along the way? Road signs, people specific cars? Anytime you take your "Mind" and turn it inward, imagining, thinking all the while doing something, you are in a state of trance, when you imagine yourself the hero in a movie, having that conversation in your mind's eye, all states of trance. You do this every day it is so much a part of our natural state that you're going to find that trance space is not much different feeling than you do while simply imaging you're the next super star. See here below, this is essentially how our minds accept or reject new data.

With Hypnosis we are able to help you FOCUS your mental state to remove the Critical Factor, which normally acts as a decision process, real or not, keep it or not, reject it or not system. When we remove the critical factor, we unlock the sub-conscious and allow our suggestions to pass straight through. Now this is absolutely what you're probably thinking about now... How this sounds exactly like mind control stuff. And if that were all of it, you would be right... But the MIND is so much more than that. It still has one very large very active and very much the final decision maker, that's your conscious mind, remember earlier we said that you're always in control and always aware. Your conscious mind may have been quietly set aside, but it has taken a different roll, that of the conscious observer, meaning, it's still over seeing everything, and if it doesn't like what its hearing, it will step in and reject the suggestion. It's because of all this that you will always feel like you're still there hearing everything, and may even feel that you could "wake" up anytime you wanted to, because you can. You're in control.

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